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Molitoris, Johannes, of Dillingen, †1482, matric. Leipzig 1458, Bologna 1467, Lic. utr. iuris, 1469/70 canon and priest of Eccles. colleg. St. Moritz Augsburg; wrote or named in pref. to Goff N-222, Bämler, 1472; involved in Rosary confraternity; owned some 50 Mss. and incunables, sold in Augsburg after his death; marked with a seal-form woodcut stamp S. Iohannis Plebani ad S. Mauricium Augusta A° M°. CCCC. 7 [Ruf 1930; Leiningen-Westerburg, p. 108]: Augsb. 1906 (S-580) + 325.3 (B-345); Buxheim OCarth (A-1240, now unloc.); Göttingen UB (T-64?); Lambach OSB (C-51); London BL IB.5760 (R-22), IB.19999 (M-423); Munich, Georgianum (T-168); Munich SB A-842.11, B-115.4, F-75, M-567.5, N-151.2 (etc.: 9 eds. = the G. Zainer Sbd.), and Goff Z-13; Munich UB (GW 10500); Gilhofer & R. Kat. 54: 71 = Creighton UL [Goff Suppl.] (G-415); L. Rosenthal 169: 51 (C-51) 00023646 Add to clipboard