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Ugelheimer, Peter / Petrus, †1487/88 Milan (will: 16 Dec. 1487), of Frankfurt, merchant investor in Venice, Jenson’s partner; his collection of vellum copies, many illuminated and many in fine bindings, beq. to his wife, who returned to Frankfurt; s. a. Severus Rainerius [Haebler, Dt. Buchdr. 30-39 passim]: Darmst V-158 (vell.); Paris BN GW 6815 (vell.); Gotha LB G-366 (vell.), G-452 (vell.), I-96 (vell.), J-566 (vell.); Dresd 122 (B-563, vell.), 178 (B-1112, vell.); The Hague KB B-1308 (vell.), P-433 (vell.), P-437 (vell.), GW 7661 (vell.); PML A-962 (vell.); Paris BNF C-353 00032041 Add to clipboard